A Beginner's Guide to Putting on a Variety Show

District Fray | September 1, 2022

A community that embraces your eccentric interests is a must for many. Whether you’re a LARPer or sports fanatic, it’s great to have a squad to share all your fun-loving antics. And nothing beats the energy of the Yolks on You crew.

Organized by clowning dynamo Jim Dandy and D.C.’s own “Brazilian bombshell” Delilah Dentata, Yolks on You (YOY) blends burlesque and slapstick tomfoolery into one brunch showcase.


Beginner's Guide: Tease Your Way into Burlesque

District Fray | March 23, 2023

Based on an interview with some of DMVariety's favorite performers, Bebe Bardeaux and Gigi Holliday, the article advises: 

"Check the schedules for... DMVariety, which produces a regular burlesque andvariety brunch called 'Yolks on You', hosted by clown Jim Dandy and burlesque performer Delilah Dentata. "