Beaver & Buttstuff

DC's Burlesque Buddy Cops!

Our Origin Story

Accounts vary, but to the best of anyone’s knowledge, Beaver and Buttstuff was born somewhere in a Facebook group chat in 2018.

The production duo comprises the unchecked id of both Delilah Dentata (Beaver) and Callie Pigeon (Buttstuff). (If you don’t “get” the name, it’s fine. It’ll hit you any day now. We’ll wait.)

With an artistic mission to create shows that exist at the center of a What?!-Why?! Venn diagram, Beaver and Buttstuff is DC’s premier source for Burlesque Nobody Asked For™. 

Endorsements include...

The Next Beaver and Buttstuff Joint

Heavenly Halogens, Alluring Alkalis, and Noble (g)Asses! 

Beaver and Buttstuff are headed back to the Basement of the Science Building (aka The Bier Baron Cellar Stage) on April 25th to bring you another lewd and ludicrous tribute to your favorite elements!

Join us for a night of thrilling and nominally educational entertainment guaranteed to get your Bunsens burnin'! Or whatever other sciencey euphemism you prefer!

We said it before and we’ll say it again: you can’t spell “Periodic table” without “EROTICA”!

Past Indiscretions

The show that started it all, for better or worse.

Affectionately nicknamed 2Con2Spiratease, this show focused on the creepiest of urban legends. This poster, designed by Bianca Dupree, is an absolutely a work of art.

Beaver and Buttstuff's first foray into dad music occurred in 2022. This poster, loosely designed to look like Ooh Yeah!  by Hall and Oates, was one of their greatest achievements.

The show that really leaned into how *gestures vaguely* everything is these days. With surprise appearances from the Unabomber and Q-Anon Shaman, it's a wonder Callie and Delilah haven't been canceled. 

This is the sold-out burlesque show you get when you challenge yourself to make a burlesque show that will sell zero tickets. It was glorious. It will happen again. 

If you didn't know Mambo No. 5 was dad music, you sure did after leaving what was yet another Beaver and Buttstuff opus. 

(And check out that sweet Bridge Over Troubled Water tribute at the top.)

The third installment of Conspiratease (and perhaps the dumbest) proved that DC-area folks are absolute freaks who can't get enough of conspiracies. Callie and Delilah still aren't canceled, somehow.

Tamagotchis! Furbies! Princess Diana Beanie Babies! A skirt made of AOL Internet CDs! Spaghetti! This was a wild ride.